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1.  The class has been divided into groups of three. 

2.  In your group, please decide who will be studying the reptile, fish, and amphibian.

3.  Now that you have decided which animal class you would like to study, you need to choose one particular species of a fish, amphibian, or reptile (such as a starfish, bullfrog, or green sea turtle).


4.  You may choose any animal species that you would like, as long as it is in the animal class that you are studying.



5.  Now that you have chosen your animal species, USE THE LINKS that are listed  in the CREDITS section to find 5 adaptations for your animal.


6.  Please be sure to list the adaptations and explain their functions or why the adaptations are important for the animalís survival.


7.  With your other two animal researchers, compare your adaptations of a fish, amphibian, and reptile.  Do these animals have similar adaptations? What are their differences?


8.  After you have compared your adaptations with your animal researchers, choose one adaptation that you would like to display.


9.  Draw a picture of the adaptation that you would like to display.


10.  Finally, write a one-paragraph description about your animal and its adaptation.